Kind Words from the Urban Flux for Galactic Diamonds


There are exquisite pearls of music generously revealed through this intriguing tableau of music on “GALACTIC DIAMONDS.” These gems contain poignant yet unexpected streams of melodies, rhythms, mysterious shapes and provocative voicings. In this care, they are uncorked to unveil an integral pool of sounds orchestrated by composer/pianist Steve Hudson. Hudson opts to draw from these layers of unparalleled sounds to lure listeners into an attractive, irresistible, creative and inviting body of work expressed by him.

He is accompanied by a marvelous ensemble that features the gifted Zach Brock – violin, Jody Redhage – cello & voice, Martin Urbach – drums & cajan percussion and of course Steve Hudson – piano & melodica.

Are you ready to experience musicality by extraordinary musicians that dances creatively beyond the rim of normality? Composer Steve Hudson ingeniously embarks on a journey to in essence frame a spacious soundscape by infusing the quenchable elements of jazz and classical to shape these jewels into a wonderful pool of sounds appropriately titled “GALACTIC DIAMONDS.”

Throughout this project the melodies in this collection of music are charming, progressive, quirky, and at times with rhythmically off-centered interplay. Meanwhile the music by Hudson moves graciously with auspicious and unforced dexterity to unleash volumes of symmetrical lines, ambient tones and definitive textures to bridge these songs with untainted eloquence on songs like “TUNE WITH TANGO, SPEAK OUT, SONG FOR LENNON, GALACTIC DIAMONDS, FUNKY HOBBIT & MINGUS MOON” are surprisingly mobile and conceptually enticing.

As you look through the title of the songs below you get a snapshot of who Steve Hudson is artistically. A true virtuoso, the consummate voice of Hudson is distinctive and unmatched. He has scored and arranged a riveting and seductive palette of songs brilliantly. If you’re up for something refreshing musically, Steve Hudson’s “GALACTIC DIAMONDS” has the proper components to satisfy the curious minds and souls of jazz enthusiast everywhere. –Rob Young | Reviewer

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