space is the place and runner’s high

Just finished recording with the collective, Outer Bridge, yesterday.  It was a big group  – piano (including rhodes and Hammond B3), bass, drums, sax, trumpet, trombone, and the music felt great.  I imagine it will be out in a few months….will keep you posted.  Here’s three things I learned yesterday.

1.  Space is the Place.  That expression is the real thing when it comes to music.  Less is definitely more 90% of the time whether you are accompanying or soloing.

2.  In high school I suffered through cross country and track waiting for that runner’s high to kick in.  Well, it never really did but I think I understand what they were talking about yesterday.  The momentum and groove of the music seemed to give everyone an energy, second wind…..of course later that night we were exhausted but while the tape was rolling the energy was there.

3.  Clam Chowder.  I always thought seafood is supposed to be the best by the ocean.  Not true.  The recording studio is on the jersey shore.  We ate after the session, and that rule is definitely not always the case…..when in doubt – Pizza.


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