notes from the road

Over the last few months, there were several eye-opening illuminating things that occurred in Oregon, Washington, California, and Canada on the bandstand and off.

I try to keep a notebook with me, so I can capture some of these inspiring things.  I will be updating this blog regularly, let’s dive in.

Part 1, Seattle

While in Seattle, I ran in the morning under a grey rainy sky and then during the day went to the Jimi Hendrix Museum.  We had a gig at Tula’s that night with Claire Daly.  I saw exhibits on Jimmy, Nirvana, and walked in to see the red hot chilli peppers rocking out on a large screen with a great sound system.  There was also a great video of Robbie Robertson from the Band, talking about his confusing rehearsals with Bob Dylan.  I was really impressed with a Jimmy Hendrix video of him playing at woodstock.  He was taking a solo and he was so relaxed…just patiently letting it happen.  No cringing wacky facial expressions….the intensity was there but he was just letting the music do it’s thing.  It’s good to be reminded that it’s so important to just let the music be, not force it out, but just let it do its thing.


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