new music into the atmosphere and losing a giant

Thanks everyone for coming out to the cornelia show in nyc!  We dove into many new tunes and they really came off the page, hope to record many of them this fall.

On a totally different note, we recently lost a giant in the music community, pianist Mulgrew Miller.  Can’t say I knew him, I spoke with him briefly when playing after him at one night at dizzy’s club at lincoln center.  As a person he seemed very sweet and personable, no attitude.  As a pianist, he was incredible, and part of a legacy of great pianists like Tommy Flanagan, Hank Jones, and other masters.  We lost a giant with a big heart, who could swing hard and take you to another place in a ballad.

When I was a teenager living in Albany, I came down to nyc to see a friend and went to a club called Bradleys.  He was with Roy Hargrove that night.  He had a suitcase next to the piano, and after the gig he went straight to the airport.  A couple things happened that night.  A fight broke out at the bar, and was quickly broken up, and I remember in this skinny rectangular shaped bar, a whole bunch of horn players carrying their horns on their backs…it was late, so they probably finished their own gigs and came into hear some masters play.  Mulgrew played a ballad that knocked me out.  I can’t remember what the tune was, but I remember that feeling.  Giving folks those feelings through music is a gift, and he had it.  Here’s a link to the New York Times.  Check out some of his music, you will be glad you did.

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