what a week!!

It was great seeing so many old friends and new ones at Cornelia Street Cafe and also at the Wall Street Jazz Festival in Kingston.At cornelia the chamber group dove into new material, and in Kingston I was with the Claire Daly Quartet playing a set of Monk’s more obscure works (Stuffy Turkey, Teo, Pannonica)…just swinging having a goodtime.  In Kingston, I got there very early before the show…saw some interesting stuff.  Walked into a hat store that doubled as a music store, specializing in Blues recordings; ate lunch at a taco place that played Julius Hemphill’s music for an hour while I was there; saw an incredible fireman museum on a side street and learned the whole evolution of the firetruck.  Walked into a few antique shops with my kids, which evoked facial expressions that said “they are so cute just don’t touch anything.”Later that night heard the fantastic pianist Peggy Stern with Sue Terry, great duo.  Great crowd and vibes the whole night.

More  to come, stay tuned!

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