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This review just in from Audiophile Audition for the Outer Bridge Ensemble’s recording Determined…….thank you fellas,


This eclectic band has been around for over a decade, performing around North America and Europe. They share their bases of operation between New York City and Calgary, Canada. Their influences include swing, soul, R&B, Latin and Afro-beat, and lead saxist Dejong has had both classical and jazz training. Their CD features eight tracks, each of them originals—at least two or three written by each member of the band. The title tune “Determined,” has a funky beat from the rhythm section that their audiences love, and includes funk trumpeter guest James Zollar.  The warm piano sounds of Steve Hudson distinguishes “Wanderin,’” and his keyboard shines thruout the CD.

Outer Bridge had recently returned from their annual tour of Western Canada when they recorded this album at Steve Jankowski’s Studio in New Jersey, also inviting in the four guest musicians. One thing about this band: there is no sameness of sound from track to track.  You are always a bit surprised about what comes up next. An innovative jazz album that merits repeated hearings.

TrackList:  Determined, Galactic Diamonds, Salute, New Beginnings, At Ease, Wanderin’, Time Shared, Homage to Freedom

—John Henry

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