music of the hobbit, with an edge

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   Once upon a time, before there were so many middle earth movies, I stumbled upon a riff while practicing a piece of Debussy on the piano (really).  After developing the idea into a tune, a clear image kept popping into my mind of Bilbo strutting along in the country side, more of a strut […]

music for a good cause

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Here is an inspiring public service announcement that I composed music for, by the talented director Ben Middlekauff, using piano and then later strings. It’s a program to help kids post-hurricane Sandy……great cause (just click photo to see video).  This video should get you out of that funk.  There are two parts to this short […]

Black Girl in Paris – HBO GO

          Black Girl in Paris on HBO GO Check out Black Girl in Paris on HBO GO, there until Nov. 30th, directed by Kiandra Parks with score done by yours truly. This short film is based upon the book by Shay Youngblood about a down on her luck writer who moves […]

heads up

A couple years ago I saw a trio concert where the bassist Steve Swallow really made an impression on me for two reasons.  His solos I found really organic and refreshing, with one idea leading to the next, minus virtuosic flourishes or licks, just simply talking on his instrument in a real engaging way with […]

getting around, slowly and steadily

NF Laurels 2014 fall

The short film Slow and Steady, in which I composed the opening theme, is making the rounds at various film festivals. Congrats to director Annie Kaempfer, actors and crews! October 19th: December 21st:

Foot Stompin’ in indianapolis, kansas city, fort worth

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Thank you to everyone who came out to see the concerts for this mini tour with the Claire Daly 4’tet…met so many soulful music lovin’ people last week in Fort Worth, Indianapolis and Kansas City. Even met a music fan in Kansas City, 83 years young, who knew Charlie Parker.  Told me how he remembered […]

Taking it to Fort Worth, Texas, then Kansas City, Indianapolis

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Looking forward to playing shows in Fort Worth Texas, Kansas City and Indianapolis with the Claire Daly Quartet.  We’ll be playing the music of Thelonius Monk, more of his obscure compositions, which we recorded on the album Baritone Monk produced by the music loving folks at North Coast Brewery. Sept 11 – Scat Jazz Lounge, […]

notes from up north

Back from Calgary and Saskatoon, Canada, and what a trip it was!!  It was so great to see old friends and meet new ones.  In Calgary we dove into the music of Miles Davis from the 1970’s, which had us exploring tunes like Sivad and Black Satin.  I was playing rhodes and used some electronics […]

Adventures in Canada

Great seeing old friends and new ones at the ironwood in calgary! Have some brand new music for the Broadway Theater show in Saskatoon that will make you move.  We will be opening for John Scofield and MMW.  Show may be sold out, but you can call the Broadway Theater in saskatoon and see what […]

A Whole Lotta Piano


        Check out this great tune done by Ray Charles, In the Evening (When the Sun Goes Down). I must have listened to this tune over a hundred times, trying to figure out how Ray was playing some of these figures….still remember that ah-ha moment when realizing that to get that sound […]

monday in harlem

Come out and join the party in Harlem this Monday at the Shrine, will be joining Tom Shad’s quartet for an evening of his original music and music from yours truly.  Tom is a very lyrical bassist who has been performing with the off broadway show, Blue Man Group, for many years, and spearheading some […]

music and redemption…..does the body good.

Here is a great article I came across about a group of musicians who give performances in prison and then give away guitars. Check it out.

sh music at the 2014 Art of Brooklyn Film Festival

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So the film Slow and Steady by the ever talented Annie Kaempfer will be be shown at the Art of Brooklyn Film Festival on May 7 at St. Francis College (Borough Hall Stop)….your truly did the theme music.  Check it Out!       7pm on Wednesday May 7th Founder Hall in SFC -St Francis […]

How a cotton blanket changes music

So where I live, I am unable to play the piano loud at night, so I have adjusted by making my own system to mute the instrument….or else someone starts banging a broom stick on their ceiling. Basically I take a thin cotton blanket and rest it between the hammers and the strings.  This somehow […]

slow and steady in brooklyn

          SLOW AND STEADY has been accepted to The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival!  Yours truly contributed the opening theme song to this very interesting short film by Annie Kaempfer….Will take place in early May – details to follow.

Black Girl in Paris at First Run Film Festival, NYC

Composed the score to BGP directed by the talented Kiandra Parks.  If you are around, come check out the screening!! BLACK GIRL IN PARIS Screening:  Saturday, April 5, 7:00 pm / Theater 200 Cantor Film Center 36 East 8th Street First Run Film Festival A contemporary tale of passion, adventure, and uninhibited sexual freedom as one […]

Slow and Steady

Had  a chance several months ago to contribute the theme song to this really interesting short film by the uber talented director/writer, Annie Kaempfer, about a young woman and her relationship with her divorced father.  It’s xmas time, there’s a lot happening, and there is a silent pet turtle in the middle of everything that’s […]

Get it While you Can – Black Girl in Paris on HBO GO

          The short film by the uber talented writer/director Kiandra Parks will be available on HBO GO through March 31st.  It’s based on the book by Shay Yougblood, Black Girl in Paris.  Yours truly scored the music for the film which is a sound rooted in jazz, parisian music, club music, […]

What a Party in Princeton and at Blue Note!

Blue Note

Thanks everyone for coming out!  2 great shows!!

This Friday in Princeton, Saturday NYC Blue Note – March 14 and 15

Hey Gang If you are around Princeton this Friday (8 pm) or NYC this Saturday (Midnight….yeah it’s late, but that when NYC comes alive….the second sunrise!), come and check out the Outer Bridge Ensemble. James Zollar-trumpet, Mark DeJong-sax, yours truly-keys, Jerome Jennings-Drums, David Freeman-congas, Soren Nissen-bass, Oren Neiman – guitar (3/15). Here is a video. […]

Fille Noire A Paris

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Here is a short film by the director Kiandra Parks made back in 2008. Her latest film is showing on HBO, Black Girl in Paris, with your truly doing the film score. Just click on the below graphic to see Fille Noire A Paris, and if you want to support Kiandra’s Kickstarter campaign for her […]

Energy, Groove, and Whole Lotta Love


Here is a couple tracks from the Outerbridge Ensemble…you don’t wanna miss • Princeton March 14th •  NYC at the Blue Note, March 15 CHECK OUT THE SOUND

this friday solo piano at welpe theater, NJ

I will be performing a few pieces at the RVCC faculty concert Friday Feb. 28th at 8 pm, along with a number of other musicians. Will be doing an original, “Have Some Fun,” and an interpretation of Billy Strayhorn’s “Take the A Train,” plus playing with the very talented guitarist/composer Larry Barbee. Tickets cost $12 […]

New Movie, Help Make it Happen!

Kiandra Parks, director of Black Girl in Paris, has a kickstarter campaign for her new feature film, “C’est La Vie.” She won award (10k) from legendary director Spike Lee which will help, but it takes a village for a film of this sort to get of the ground.  Yours truly will be doing the soundtrack. […]