Galactic Diamonds

The Steve Hudson Chamber Ensemble (Jody Redhage – cello/voice, Zach Brock – violin, Martin Urbach – percussion, Steve Hudson – piano) is a genre bending ensemble based in New York City. They record and perform original music with roots in classical, tango, jazz, folk & pop. Their newest CD is Galactic Diamonds. Read a review from Aural States.

Notes by Steve Hudson about this CD:

“What I enjoy about this group and our instrumentation of piano/melodica, violin, cello, and percussion is that we explore a wide spectrum of musical landscapes – music that is at times is lush, and expressive, and yet at other times experimental and aggressive. We are able to explore that delicate balance of written music and improvisation, or structure and freedom. When a song finds that balance, magical things can happen during a performance. Working with master and versatile musicians such as Zach Brock, Jody Redhage, and Martin Urbach makes this all possible.

If there is one idea that underscores all of the music on the cd Galactic Diamonds, it would be ‘follow the line.’ There were no preconceived forms when the music was written, or even a specific genre to adhere to. It boiled down to, ‘where does the musical line want to go?’ Tune with Tango has the energy and the warm appeal of tango coupled with captivating solos on violin, piano, and the cajon. The melody is fun, and soloing on the piece is equally enjoyable. Funky Hobbit was written years ago while I was studying a piece by Debussy. While playing this one musical passage, I started playing with a funky bass line, and the tune emerged from there. Song for John Lennon was inspired by a documentary I saw on Lennon’s life. One thing, among many things, that really stuck out to me was here was a guy who had a great career with the Beatles, and yet afterwards he had this passion to keep forging ahead, find new musical ground. Miles Davis had that too. I wanted to celebrate that spirit in this song.

There is a balance of music on this cd of longer through-composed works alongside pieces that are designed to be simple and transparent. Many of these pieces to me are like short stories, letting the listener create his or her own narrative.”

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