Foot Stompin’ in indianapolis, kansas city, fort worth

Thank you to everyone who came out to see the concerts for this mini tour with the Claire Daly 4’tet…met so many soulful music lovin’ people last week in Fort Worth, Indianapolis and Kansas City.

Even met a music fan in Kansas City, 83 years young, who knew Charlie Parker.  Told me how he remembered seeing a friend of his, a saxophonist playing with his group one night.  He went to the bathroom, and Charlie Parker just picked up his horn and started playing it.  When they guy got back he started yelling at Bird and him.  They had no idea at the time the impact he would later make on music…like our taxi driver said, “Kansas City wasn’t ready for him.  New York just embraced him.”  Well, they say your hometown is the last place that embraces you, that’s the cliche at least, but they sure do embrace Bird now, along with Count Basie, Les McAnn, and so many others based in Kansas City who played on 18th and Vine.

Have to say, the folks in Indianapolis, really have a passion for music.  We played as part of the Indy Jazz Fest…packed house, nice piano, and a great atmosphere.  The Jazz Kitchen was the last club where the great bassist Ray Brown played, so we played a piece MaryAnn McSweeney, our bassist and former student of Ray Brown, wrote in dedication to Ray Brown…He had so many great groups and recordings through the years.

Here is a nice review of the show in Indianapolis from Jay Harvey, and a couple photos down below (the selfie is after the show in Indianapolis, compliments of Claire Daly).

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  1. Billy Foster says:

    Hi Steve

    Surprised to see this. We Had a great time that night

    Billy Foster