heads up

A couple years ago I saw a trio concert where the bassist Steve Swallow really made an impression on me for two reasons.  His solos I found really organic and refreshing, with one idea leading to the next, minus virtuosic flourishes or licks, just simply talking on his instrument in a real engaging way with the rest of the band and the audience.  I was also really impressed with how he always kept his eyes on the soloist and his band.  Sounds like no big deal, but it’s very easy to close your eyes and listen to what’s happening, as if you gain a greater focus by removing one of your senses…….maybe it’s a pianist thing to close your eyes.  So while I still do close my eyes in performance (to be honest, I am not really aware what my body is doing half the time), I try my best to keep my eyes up.  It also just makes the whole experience that much more fun.

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