music of the hobbit, with an edge

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 8.42.41 AM   Once upon a time, before there were so many middle earth movies, I stumbled upon a riff while practicing a piece of Debussy on the piano (really).  After developing the idea into a tune, a clear image kept popping into my mind of Bilbo strutting along in the country side, more of a strut than a walk.  The tune was thus called “Funky Hobbit,” music of the hobbit, with an edge.

Here is the Steve Hudson 5’tet recording of Funky Hobbit on the album Outer Bridge and then here is the SH Chamber Ensemble recording of Funky Hobbit.  Which do you prefer?

What do you think, an accurate Bilbo Baggins theme song of him walking in the country side or perhaps the east village?


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