“2648 West Grand Boulevard” Record Release, Dizzy’s/Lincoln Center

Claire Day 5'tet (Steve Hudson, Jerome Harris, Claire Daly, Marcus McClaurine, Peter Grant)

Claire Day 5’tet (Steve Hudson, Jerome Harris, Claire Daly, Marcus McClaurine, Peter Grant)


Thanks everyone for coming out to the “2648 West Grand Boulevard” record release at Dizzy’s/Lincoln Center.  Had a blast performing reinvented arrangements of the music of motown with Claire Daly, Jerome Harris, Marcus McClaurine, and Peter Grant.  The album was brought to life by the record label Glass Beach Jazz, artfully produced by Doug Moody, and recorded by Jim Anderson.

You can listen to music samples and purchase a cd or download the music at Glass Beach Jazz

The Immigrant, now on Netflix




Had the pleasure of playing piano for a number of scenes in the movie The Immigrant, under the direction of composer Christopher Spelman.  I remember for a couple scenes, bar room scenes, that the music needed to sound as if it was being payed from the early 1900’s…….wish I hadn’t nodded off in all those music history classes (just kidding)…..actually as a musician when you play jazz, there’s that feeling of swing, that deep pocket and feeling, that’s such a part of the music that we all crave…but this gig had me thinking, when exactly did Louis Armstrong make his way to Chicago and later to New York with the Fletcher Henderson Big Band?  For these scenes the music needed that bar room bawdy energy but the feeling of swing as we know today had not yet involved….these few hours in the studio felt like a form of time travel.  In the end we nailed it. Working on this film with Chris Spelman, James Gray, and recording engineer Scott Jacoby was a joy!  Hope you like the movie.

You can check it out on Netflix.

Director: James Gray
Composer: Christopher Spelman
Starring: Joaquin Phoenix, Marion Cottilard, Jeremy Renner


Music for PBS Frontline, Policing the Police

Did music for a PBS Frontline documentary a couple months ago with drummer Michael Sarin and bassist Hilliard Greene, called “Policing the Police.” Scott Jacoby was the producer/composer. It’s all about the Newark Police Department, and it’s a powerful piece, really relevant to our time. Hats off to the whole production team.
Here is a YouTube link.

Review from Bird is the Worm

Nice review from Dave Miller, from Bird is the Worm, of some of the music I have been playing and writing for,



new film score on the way!

Thrilled to be working with on a fascinating short  film, “Beast,” by writer/director Naava Feingold.  Sketching out ideas right now, keep you posted as we move forward!


music for The Nearest Human Being, by Marco Coppola

Just finished recording music for writer/director Marco Coppola’s new film The Nearest Human Being.  I dove into the music of the Italian composer of the 18th century, Alessandro Marcello, who wrote an amazing oboe concerto (Bach later transcribed the music, concerto for harpsichord in D minor (BWV 974).  A part of the adagio section was what I needed to record, beautiful melody.

The film is scheduled to be shown at the Telluride Film Festival…..will keep you posted where else it is to be shown.


Great Times in California

Thank you to everyone who came out to the sold out show at the Healdsburg Jazz Festival with the Claire Daly 5’tet and thank you to North Coast Records.  We had a blast and had an equally amazing time performing two nights in Fort Bragg at the Sequoia Room.  Will keep you posted on the release date of the record, “2648,” the music of motown…..looking like a fall release.

Here’s a shot of the band with Doug and Deborah Moody from North Coast Records/Brewing – L-R, Marcus McCalaurine (bass), Doug Moody, Deborah Moody, yours truly, Claire Daly (saxophone/flute), Peter Grant (drums), Jerome Harris (guitar).

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 10.29.43 AM

Music for PBS Frontline Documentary

Had a great time recording with Michael Sarin (Drums) and Hill Greene (Bass) at Eusonia Studios (Scott Jacoby) in NYC.

We recorded music for a PBS Documentary coming out in June, Frontline.

Keep you posted on when it’s airing.

Music of the Woods

Just completed music for a commercial for West NYC by the talented director Roger DaCosta.

Check it Out!

New Recording On the Way – June 2016!

Latest recording by the Claire Daly 5’tet, explores the music of motown, and will be released by the innovative North Coast Brewing Co. record label. The band features Claire Daly on sax/flute, yours truly on piano, Jerome Harris on guitar, Peter Grant on drums, and MaryAnn McSweeney on bass. We have received rave reviews from Downbeat and other reviewers, and I’ll follow up with more info, music links, and concert dates in the coming weeks.

Wishing you all an amazing 2016,

Big Hug