Exquisitely beautiful compositions…there is a quest for beauty in his lines that evokes the masters.— Ernie RideoutKeyboard Magazine

“Smart, Eclectic Themes and Tunes from Steve Hudson…Once in a while something comes over the transfom here that’s so disarmingly fun that it’s impossible to resist: the Steve Hudson’s Chamber Ensemble new album, Galactic Diamonds is a prime example. It’s a good-naturedly eclectic mix of third stream jazz with a catchy, quirky pop edge.” — Lucid Culture

Some people favor the big statement: the bling of an over-large jewel, the blinding distraction of too many sparkly things. Others have the good taste to know that the small stones shine most brightly. Pianist, composer and melodica player Steve Hudson is one of those people, and the debut recording from his Steve Hudson Chamber Ensemble, Galactic Diamonds, is a collection of little gems. — All About Jazz

While the music explored on Galactic Diamonds is definitely jazz, other styles percolate to the surface including ragtime, funk, blues and classical. It is both eclectic and melodic, an amalgamation of varying styles that had me hitting the repeat button more than once. The music is mostly acoustic and the band make the most of the few instruments they use. Hudson’s piano is fabulous throughout the album and his playing, while being very melodic also verges on the wildly chaotic. Augmenting the piano is Redhage’s violin. Again, the playing is flawless and her rich rhythms adds another layer for the listener to peel back and discover something new and exciting (4 stars). — Sea of Tranquility

Are you ready to experience musicality by extraordinary musicians that dances creatively beyond the rim of normality? Composer Steve Hudson ingeniously embarks on a journey to in essence frame a spacious soundscape by infusing the quenchable elements of jazz and classical to shape these jewels into a wonderful pool of sounds appropriately titled “GALACTIC DIAMONDS.”

As you look through the title of the songs below you get a snapshot of who Steve Hudson is artistically. A true virtuoso, the consummate voice of Hudson is distinctive and unmatched. He has scored and arranged a riveting and seductive palette of songs brilliantly. If you’re up for something refreshing musically, Steve Hudson’s “GALACTIC DIAMONDS” has the proper components to satisfy the curious minds and souls of jazz enthusiast everywhere.

There are exquisite pearls of music generously revealed through this intriguing tableau of music on “GALACTIC DIAMONDS.” These gems contain poignant yet unexpected streams of melodies, rhythms, mysterious shapes and provocative voicings. In this care, they are uncorked to unveil an integral pool of sounds orchestrated by composer/pianist Steve Hudson. Hudson opts to draw from these layers of unparalleled sounds to lure listeners into an attractive, irresistible, creative and inviting body of work expressed by him. — Rob YoungUrban Flux

This is venturesome yet affable jazz at its best: A little blue-glass, a little rock and roll, a little scat, a turn at tango. How does Galactic Diamonds offer such a genre-blending sound? Try the diversity of the players. — Sam BukerAural States

Steve Hudson’s Outer Bridge Ensemble is one band that doesn’t play it safe. The quintet from New Jersey were fearless performers despite the 35-degree temperatures, bringing their free range fusion of Indian raga, classical, funk and Phillip Glass-like minimalism to the Jazz Confederation Park mainstage last night. [They] proved to be all purpose showmen, keeping the 500 fans who sat quietly through their 90-minute gig fascinated by the way these talented players explored musical possibilities… — Ottawa Sun

“New York-based composer and pianist Steve Hudson and his Chamber Ensemble are skilled at bending and blending genres, adroitly moving between jazz, tango, and avant-classical… Hudson doesn’t restrict himself to piano, playing…melodica on the lilting “Para” and tearing it up Fender Rhodes on “Funky Hobbit”…Whether pushing the envelope with energetic improvisations or crafting more gradually developing essays, the Steve Hudson Ensemble is consistently engaging.” — Christian CareySignal To Noise


“Jazz group crosses boundaries: Steve Hudson and his ensemble to make Baltimore debut” – June 10, 2010
By Tim Smith, The Baltimore Sun

“Album Review/Live Review: Steve Hudson Chamber Ensemble Debut: Galactic Diamonds” – June 12, 2010
By Sam Buker, Aural States